The Island in the flavors of Madagascar is 20°59’ Latitude South and 48°53’ Longitude and its maximal altitude is 430m (Mountain Lokobe). It’s situated in the channel of Mozambique. Nosy Be means in english « Big Island ». Surface is 280m², the lenght from North to South is 24 km and its width from West to East is 18km. The official language is the Malagasy, but French is commonly practised in Nosy Be. Nosy Be counts 345 days of sun a year. Dry season : April to October ; Wet season : November to March. The temperature of the water rarely below 25°c.


The dialing code of Madagascar is 261. The local numbers with 10 numbers begin with 032/ 033 / 034 for mobiles and 020 for fixed numbers. If you are calling internationally you must delete the 0. +261 32 / +261 20/. The operators are Telma, Orange and Airtel ; you will find SIM cards in their shops in town when presenting ID cards. Refills are for sale everywhere in the local grocer’s shops. Our staff, as for quite different of your needs can go to the neighbouring village and buy you these refills.


The national currency in Madagascar is Ariary, the course of which is variable. (1 € = more or less 3 900 ariary, in June 2019). Day courts : The biggest cut is 20.000 ariary and divides in bills of 10 000, 5.000, 2.000, 1.000, 200 and 100. The coins are very rare and without much financial value. They are sometimes replaced by candies in shops to give change. Many Malagasies speak and still count in the former currency, the Malagasy franc. 1 ariary = 5 Francs Malagasy (FMG). Banking institutions on the Island practice the foreign-exchange transactions in currencies. 4 agencies are present in the city.


The electric current delivered is 220 volts 50 hertzs. The solar is beginning to develop seriously given the high level of sunshine year-round and the cost of electricity generated by diesel thermal units. The price of gasoline and diesel fuel is around 1 € for the liter.