Nosy Be, like the northern region of Madagascar, bathes in the Salegy, musical genre and dance of traditional music, often accompanied by accordion, electrified and modernized by artists such as Jaojoby and numbers of his successor heirs "Like Wawa! This very lively music generates a frenzy of dance and festivities that have made Nosy Be a famous place of atmosphere and music. An anthology of dancing, clubs and musical bars are present on the island and especially towards Ambatoloaka. One particularity is that, according to the day of the week it is rather in a defined place that all surrender.



Sando’s bar Close to the hotel a nice Malagasy bar where you can eat.

Chris Manga Be At the entrance of Dzamandzar, nice local bar with musical atmosphere. 

Quai 13-48 Resto-bar of the marina of the Crater, in front of the sailboats at the anchorage 

Ankoay When arriving at the Hellville market, a very busy terrace.

Tonga Tiki In Hellville next to the jail, lounge and nice restaurant.

If you cross bars throughout the Island, the center of animation is in Ambatoloaka and surroundings: Billiards, Taxi Be, House of the Sea, Beach Bar, Danae and others are all places where you can have a drink, listen to live bands, music, karaoke: the panoply complete for night owls.



The inevitable Tatie Cris, "an institution" on Sunday evening on the beach of Madirokely or Malagasy young and old, residents, tourists in search of authenticity are there for a moment of pure ambience ..


La Sirène the spot of Sunday and Thursday for animated and friendly evenings.


Le Manava in Hellville. Tropical style box, open the week.


Le Djembé the nightclub frequented in Ambatoloaka during the week. Good atmosphere, comfortable.


Le Danaé the After of Tatie Cris, Sunday evening in Dar es Salaam, young and extremely local atmosphere. You have to elbows and be patient to get to the bar, a bit of attention to the contents of our pockets as the place is overcrowded. Agoraphobe, avoid!


La Banane in Dzamandzar on Sunday evening. Another Roots moment of the atmosphere Gasy, very local!

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