NOSY LODGE         Ambondrona Beach                              

Accessible by foot or 10 minutes by car, you will undoubtedly find the best dining of Nosy Be. The star chef Benoit is inspired to see “inhabited” by the kitchen. He offers his inspirations and his fabulous research to marry and mix the flavours of local products with talent. French gastronomy at incredibly reasonable prices by reservation: 033 49 348 96

A brewery menu without reservation for lunch and dinner.

NOSYBE HOTEL                                             

On the beach of Cocotiers visible from your terrace, the restaurant of this 4 star hotel offers French and Italian cuisine coming from the Milanese inspiration which are then refined by local products. Grilled seafood, lobster spaghetti, zebu Carpaccio, duck breast, and a Malagasy buffet.



LA TABLE D’ALEXANDRE   Antsoha      

020 86 635 19 / 033 14 247 22

On the road to Andilana. Open at noon.

A gourmet French restaurant. It has a very good menu.


On the beautiful beach of Andilana, a good restaurant: Lobster, fresh fish, seafood, zebu…

Famous for it’s Sunday buffet with Malagasy specialties embellished with French and Vietnamese inspirations.



AVIAVY                                 Madirokely                     

The « Pirogue » restaurant in front of the Madirokely beach, « feet in the water » offers a tasteful trip to the land of flavours with it’s Indian cuisine. Rich in fragrance and spices with a real tandoori oven and all the specialties of North and South India, Madras and Pakistan…But also a varied choice of Malagasy, European, Creol cuisine and many fresh fish specialities. 


Dar es Salam beside Big Bazar (local supermarket)

Mario concocts succulent pizzas, the best we can find with a paste which only an Italian Signor would know the secret recipe to.

GARGOTE DELICES           Dar es salam

Just after the central Jirama before entering Dar es salam, a small and very affordable gargote. Good hearty dishes: zebu side, goat with olives, wild boar stew, Chinese soup, misao. Fast service and well cooked.

HÔTEL ROYAL BEACH      Madirokely

On the beach of Madirokely, access before Dar es Saalam is a 4 star hotel. Two restaurants with timeless atmospheres serving local and international dishes and a pizzeria next to the pool. Fresh and natural products.




The restaurant of a real cook who loves his work and adds his philosophy on quality, health, flavors, healthy breeding, so much  that one could almost read on his menu that no animals has been mistreated. He created a self-contained farm where the animals flourish with space and are natural fed not their own super organic crops that goes without saying and spirulina rather than antibiotics. The result is a very nice menu of his products worked with passion. Almost everything is “homemade” rillettes, foie gras, terrines, quails of pigeons, ducks, etc… It’s tasty, original, inventive. A delight not to be missed.


Another good restaurant in the « neighbourhood » where the music plays very late into the evening. Another Italian cuisine perfectly suited to fish and meat.

Oysters baked in the oven and seafood spaghetti are perfect for an evening meal. 


Surely one of the best restaurants of the island. A fine Italian cuisine that marries and showcases the superb fresh local produce. Spaghetti with sea urchins, a joy!


A Zebu hamburger? Why not!

This is where all the skeptics of hamburgers are converted.

Even if someone else isn’t convinced by the hamburger, there is still a delicious menu of zebu and fish while you enjoy your hamburger and homemade fries.

CHEZ TÉRÉZA                    

The Italian Restaurant Mama Téréza composes an appetizing and varied menu. She even dared to create the banana gnocchi. Of course you can also try pizzas, lasagna, risottos, Carpaccio’s, and Nosy Be dishes. Lots of choices!

CHEZ MAMA                       

The gasy gargote. Order a Malagasy daily specialty with rice « a dish or half-dish ». It’s very much appreciated.



Hellville Court. Snacks, bakery and pastries.

Very busy, this is the place to have breakfast in town, with pastries and fresh fruit juice.


Hellville Court. A colonial decor, and a very neat Italian cooking style. Only Lunch.

SITY HALLAL                                  

At the market, a Malagasy cuisine restaurant with a very comprehensive menu of local dishes. Clean and tasty.

LA PLANTATION              

Efficient cooking, brewing recipes concocted by a French chef. The dishes, which are written on a chalkboard, are inspired by the daily finds of the market and the mood of the day…

LES SICILIENS                     Italian street food

Snack of Sicilian specialities. Delicious salty or sweet pastries. Pasta or antipasto dishes. A good culinary addition and good coffee. Open all day until 21:00.


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