The islands


In the South-East of Hell Ville, at 30 minutes away is Nosy Komba which means “the island of the lemurs”. You can admire the embroidery sewn by the women of the village, the crafts with his sculptures and other objects of decoration. As his name indicates it, Nosy Komba shelters lemurs which are protected by the local fady (local banned) which considers them sacred, and keeps them away from hunters. Nosy Komba accommodates magnificent beaches where it’s possible to bathe. You can also visit the top of the island, culminating at 622 meters.


It’s a private island on which is a lightouse in service in front of Nosy Komba. On Nosy Vorona, there is no reception, no swimming-pool, no entertainment, no air conditioning , and even less television. A small beach, a few trees, rocks, 4 rooms. It’s the most charming of the islands.


Situated in the South of Nosy Be, is Nosy Tanikely which means “the island of the small earth”. It’s the most visited island in the area ! Thanks to corals, sea turtles and various colorful fish, this is one of the most beautiful scuba diving sites in the region. Tanikely shelters a magnificent white sand beach, an ideal to picnic. At the top of the island, is a lighthouse which dates 1908 offering a magnificent panoramic view.


Off the Western coast of Nosy Be is Sakatia, a small quiet island. Sakatia shelters a magnificent site of dive. His attraction lives especially in the forest trails, where you will discover wild orchids, bats, chameleons, and other species of fauna and flora. Sakatia is accessible by boat or pirogue in 5 minutes of crossing from Chanty Beach.


The splendid Nosy Iranha, the turtle island, is situated South-West of Nosy Be, beyond he bay of the Russians. In reality, it consists of two islands, connecting by a white sand bank. The first one shelters a fishing village and a disused lighthouse, the second island is accessible at low tide and shelters a hotel.


In 55km in the North-East of Nosy Be, Mitsio groups an archipelago very diversified, composed of small and beautiful islands. Nosy Tsarabajina’s white sand shards, an impressionante basalt formation from Nosy Antaly will make you discover the secrets of Mitsio. However, it’s the underwater bottoms that win the palm and make the divers happy. Whereas big Mitsio, offers enough space to spend several days of explorations on foot.


The archipelago of the Radama Islands is a succession of small coral islands and virgin islands. You will find a turquoise sea, baobas and mangroves drenched in water, traditional fishing boats. It’s in the South of Nosy Be and after Nosy Iranja and Baramamahy and it will be necessary to plan to go there by sailboat.

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