Nosy be

Hellville / Andoany

Hellville is the main city. Its colonial architecture (Courts of Hell) maintains a certain mark. Most of the administrations are focused on this part of the city. The port is very active, it is use as transit for the islands and « Big Earth » as well as to importing and exporting from Madagascar. After the port, a road leads to the ancient Indian village of Marodoka which was the first constructions of the island. Banks, supermarket, grocery store, cybershop, Western Union, all shops, make Hellville the pole of the island. The covered market is an attraction as the products offered are a treat of diversity and exoticism. Several coffees, bars and restaurants are located alongside hardware stores, local and modern shops with all kinds of merchandise. The port with the dhows and its very typical market of the Malagasy life are worth a detour to be emerged in the lifestyle of the country.

The sacred tree Mahatsinjo

A bend not to be missed, located between Hellville and the port of the Crater, accessible by car, motorcycle or bike. A magnificient small forest where from srpings a gigantic banyan fig tree. It’s a place where people come to pray. On site is also a small cultural and historical museum on Nosy Be and a shop with typical objects Malagasy, a botanical trail.

The waterfall

To get to the waterfall, it is necessary to take the exit just before the branch for Ambatoloaka. The track is very muddy during the rainy season. Once you arrive at the barrier, you must pay the low entrance fees. Further into the journey, and you will reach an area accessible by foot. Follow this and you will find a magnificient waterfall with a small lake. The flora is luxuriant and some fish live in this beautifull place. There is also a place of prayer sor Sakalava people.

The mount Passot, and the crater lakes

Situated in the North of Nosy Be, about 20km of Hellville, offers an fantastic view of the island about 329 meters high. The sunset is unforgettable. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful small blue, sacred lakes. On the access road to the summit are  belvederes overlooking these lakes. With some patience, you can see some crocodiles.

The Lokobe reserve

The 740 hectares of this reserve group covers a major amount of the remaining vegetation in Nosy Be. The reserve also protects Makis Macao and chameleons.This shelters vital sources for the flora and fauna. With luck, you can see boas constrictors and 4 different type of lemurs. Of the many species of birds listed, you will likely observe the flycatcher of paradise of Madagascar and the small kingfisher. Access by hull or dugout engine to the reserve since the village Ambatozavavy. In the small village of Ampasipohy, to visit the reserve, we recommend taking a guide.

Lemuria Land

Situated near Hellville is an animal and botanical reserve in the middle of plantation of Ylang-Ylang. By walking through this park you can discover specimens of the endemic fauna of Madagascar, an exotic flora, fruit trees, a traditional compartment of the North of Madagascar « kaz butterflies » which presents a static exhibition of insects and magnificient butterflies of Madagascar, the SPPM distillery based in 1889 by the Father missionaries, the Rum distillery.

The domain of Florette

Close to the village of Andrafiamena («the place where the red raphias grow») is the heart of the island, Florette’s domain in very welcoming in nature. You can discover the inside of an underestimated island and dive into its tropical vegetation : forest, plantations, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, bamboo plantations. The opportunitiy to learn the flora and fauna of Madagascar and to participate in the picking of flowers and fruits by listening to the anecdotes of the guides on the legends and mysteries of the island of Nosy Be. A still distilling of the flowers or Ylang-Ylang will introduce you to the manufacture of essential oils. A visit of the permanent exhibition on the history of the royal family of Nosy Be, Sakalava and its traditions will enlighten you on the culture of Madagascar and will give you an overview of the use of medicinal plants.

Ambaro ranch

These horse trekking tours passing by the beach as well as the village are fantastic (Baptism for children). Walking accompanied on foot for more security. Walk through the interior of Nosy Be and the beaches. Excursion 3 hours on horseback with visits of the lands via lakes crowned. Finish with a swim in the sea accompanied by your horse.

Pearls Golf Course

The 18 hole golf of Nosy Be is situated in 3 km in the North of Dzamandzar. Built on old sugarcane fields, the vegetation is still quiet young. This course is quite technical because of the lenght of its holes, and some attacks of greens blind. The view is magnificient .


Touristic and professional flights are made since the Heliport Pearls International Golf Course to Dzamandzar, but also from other helisurfaces distributed all over the island. The Alouette II helicopter is equipped with windows guaranteeing you a total view of the landscapes. Pleasant, high-quality reviews will be provided throughout the flight. Unusual ITF Fly travel

Donia Festival

Festival of music which since 1994 on the initiative of the local authorities and tourist operators of Nosy Be. Donia is the largest festival in the Indian Ocean, with his 50 000 spectators on 5 days. He takes place once a year, in May. Nosy Be plunges a typically tropical atmosphere for a week.


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